At the Campsite


Campers & caravans are NOT allowed in or at DreamVille. Please leave them at home! If a Camper/RV attempts to enter DreamVille they will be turned away regardless of a parking pass. There is no camping allowed in the DreamVille parking lot. 


You will be placed in your camping area with other visitors who enter at the same time you do (so if you want to camp next to friends, make sure you arrive with them!). You will be asked to line up with your camping materials and plot your camp site as DreamVille staff members guide you through the camping grounds. 

DreamVille is a car-free camping area. You will park your car in our parking lot, grab all of your belongings and then head into DreamVille. 

Camping space will be designated by the amount of people camping in each camp site. If you have a tent that fits 10 people, then you will need to have 10 people stay inside that tent. 

We ask that you only bring a tent that's size matches the amount of people staying in it

Pop up tents & canopies will be allowed in DreamVille to an extent on capacity. They must be no bigger then 10x10 and can not take up additional space away from your actual camping tent.

We are continuing to utilize the European style of camping which was a great success last year. We are excited to bring this unique sense community to American festivals and hope you share in this excitement and make life-long friends with your neighbors. 


Food, water, and alcohol (see limitations below) are items that you are able to bring to DreamVille (however, not into TomorrowWorld). Once inside DreamVille we provide you with a variety of shops inside the MarketPlace so that you do not have to leave for supplies during the weekend. These shops have everything you need for a happy and safe weekend at TomorrowWorld. For more information on the MarketPlace click HERE.

Also in DreamVille we have BBQ Zones in every camping area and at each District House. These festival provided (complimentary) BBQ’s to use include charcoal and cooking utensils for you to cook with. With picnic benches at each location this is a great place to hang with friends and enjoy a great meal!


Upon check in, guests are allowed to enter DreamVille with a maximum the following:

1 Case of beer (maximum size of 30 cans x 12 ozs = 360ozs)

1 box of wine (maximum size of Five (5) liters) 

1 (One) liter of liquor

Note: No glass is allowed inside of DreamVille! 


Photo devices: We love for our DreamVillers to spread the world of DreamVille to their friends and family once they return from their magical experience.  Small, handheld, non-professional cameras are allowed.  Professional cameras will not be allowed unless you are approved media.  Security has the last say in what is professional.

Photo and film recording: 
During the event, pictures and film recordings will be made: at arrival all visitors give the organization silent approval to multiply, exploit and broadcast these images/ photos.


The toilets at DreamVille are free to use. There will be floors underneath and surrounding the toilets. The toilets will also be cleaned regularly. It’s extremely forbidden to urinate in public. Please use our facilities provided!!


There will be multiple ATM's available on the festival grounds and at DreamVille.


Click Here to Reserve Your Locker Now!

No one likes to start their day with a dead phone. TomorrowWorld and DreamVille Lockers provide you with a secure and convenient way for you to store your personal belongings and charge your cell phones! 

We offer the following types of lockers:

5 Day DreamVille Locker, located at the Regular Area of DreamVille AND Special Lockers located the Easy Tent and DreamLodge area 

3  Day OR individual Friday, Saturday or Sunday TomorrowWorld Lockers - Located by the main entrance of TomorrowWorld  

Storage – Our lockers are approximately 12″ high x 12″ wide x 18″ deep and have plenty of room for you’re your personal belongings as well as your mobile devices
Charging – Our lockers all have charging units inside, which provide the ability to charge all major devices including iPhone 4iPhone 5iPadSamsung GalaxySamsung Galaxy SCannon camerasFuji film camerasiPadsNextel’s,Sony Ericsson, and Nokia.



Showers will be available throughout DreamVille! 

Note: Shower areas will be single sex and each shower stall will have a privacy curtain. 


DreamVille invests a lot of effort and manpower in decorating the camping area, which contributes to the total DreamVille experience. Therefore we ask each and every one of you to show some respect for all the decoration and environment! People who disobey this and tear down, deface, destroy, or alter any of the decorations will be accompanied to the entrance and will be strictly forbidden to re-enter again!


One of the main reasons why DreamVille is such a magical place is because it is situated in a naturally beautiful environment. We want to do our part to keep it that way! DreamVille provides numerous trash and recycling containers throughout the campgrounds and parking lots. We will provide you with trash and recycling bags upon entering DreamVille, but it is always handy to bring some of your own.  All collection points will be clearly indicated with signage that explains the proper bin to throw away your contents. Please use these points to dump your trash and recycling.  Please do your part to keep our festival, campgrounds and parking lots clean!