FAQ DreamVille

Here you can find all the information about DreamVille and answers to any further questions. We try to answer all questions as accurately as possible, but we would like to ask you to check all information on the website and FAQ section before contacting us. 

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What ticket do I need to be able to visit or camp in DreamVille?

One of the following weekend passes are needed in order to visit or camp in DreamVille

  • Full Madness + DreamVille
  • Full Madness Comfort + DreamVille
  • Full Madness + DreamVille Easy Tent
  • Full Madness Comfort + DreamVille Easy Tent
  • Full Madness + DreamVille Dream Lodge
  • Full Madness Comfort + DreamVille Dream Lodge

If you only purchased a Full Madness or Full Madness Comfort without the addition of DreamVille you will not be able to enter DreamVille. If you only purchased a TomorrowWorld DAY ticket, you will not be able to enter Dreamville.

Are DreamVIlle tickets sold per tent or per person?

  • Full Madness/Full Madness Comfort + DreamVille = PER PERSON
  • Full Madness/Full Madness Comfort + DreamVille Easy Tent 2 Person Tent = Gains access to TomorrowWorld/DreamVille for 2 people
  • Full Madness/Full Madness Comfort + DreamVille Easy Tent 4 Person Tent = Gains access to TomorrowWorld/DreamVille for 4 people
  • Full Madness/Full Madness Comfort + DreamVille Dream Lodge 2 Person = Gains access to TomorrowWorld/DreamVille for 2 people

I am not staying at DreamVille, can I purchase a ticket to The Gathering?

Unfortunately, No. The only way to be a part of the DreamVille Gathering warm up party is to purchase a DreamVille ticket.

I met some friends in TomorrowWorld who want to come back and hang out at my camp site, can they come to DreamVille with me?

Only if your friends have previously purchased one of our DreamVille combination ticket options. If your friends only have TomorrowWorld tickets they will not be able to go to your camp site.

Getting to Dreamville

How do I get to DreamVille? Are their Directions?

DreamVille & TomorrowWorld are located in Chattahoochee Hills, USA near Atlanta, GA. We have put a lot of effort into traffic plans to ensure the quickest and most efficient entry into the festival! Please do NOT follow your GPS as you will most likely be turned around. We will be posting driving instructions on the website as we get closer to the event. Please pay close attention to these instructions and signage as you approach the event!



I don't have a car, whats the best way to get to DreamVille?

There will be numerous options for ways to get to DreamVille and we will be posting these options to our website shortly.  Please check back for more information.

Is there public transportation from Atlanta to DreamVille?

There is no public transportation from Atlanta to DreamVille. However, we are offering numerous shuttle options to help get you to DreamVille. Shuttles passes will be on sale soon!

Can my friend/Limo/Taxi drop me off at DreamVille?

This location and regulations will be posted as the event approaches.  Please understand that Chattahoochee Hills is in a remote area and taxis are not always readily available! Please check back to learn about our festival provided transportation options to be posted shortly. 

Please take at look at our shuttle page for our shuttle options to and from downtown hotels, airport hotels and the ATL airport.


Are there any festival provided shuttles that can take me to the festival?

Yes! For visitors staying in the Downtown Atlanta or in the Atlanta Airport areas there are multiple routes and shuttles to transport you to Chattahoochee Hills. Shuttle passes will be on sale soon!

Can I drive my car to DreamVille?

Yes! But every vehicle must have a DreamVille Parking pass. There is limited parking so please carpool whenever possible! Please note, DreamVille does not permit car camping and is a tent only environment. 

I know Rv's are not allowed in DreamVille, but can I bring my RV and park it in the parking lot?

Unfortunately no, we do not have an area where oversized vehicles or RV’s can park. If an RV shows up at the entrance to DreamVille parking it will be turned away so please do not bring one! There is absolutely no camping allowed in the parking lots.

Entrance Policy / Age restrictions

I won't be 21 before the festival starts. Can I enter DreamVille if I am accompanied by an adult?

There is a strict 21-year-old plus policy in place and nobody under 21, even if accompanied by an adult, will be permitted entrance.

Can I go to TomorrowWorld and then come back to my camp site and re-enter TomorrowWorld later in the day?

Only people who have purchased a DreamVille Pass option will be able to re-enter throughout the whole day.  Please note that entrance gates close at 10:00pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  If you try to reenter after the entrances close you will be denied.

What can and can’t I bring into TomorrowWorld/DreamVille?

TomorrowWorld Allowed Items:

  • Empty camelbacks/bota bags 
  • GoPros
  • Selfie sticks 
  • Electronic cigarettes/personal hookahs (including refillable chambers)
  • Totems/signs 
  • LED gloves/LED accessories 
  • Hula hoops 
  • Headresses/masks 
  • Spirit hoods 
  • Kandi beads
  • Costumes
  • Inflatables 
  • Flags
  • Spray bottles/misters 
  • Drawstring backpacks 
  • Cell phones + chargers 
  • Small personal electronics 
  • Walkie talkies/2 way radios 
  • Small/medium backpacks (no larger than 21'' tall x 10'' wide x 12'' deep) 
  • Blankets/tarps/towels 
  • Toilet paper 
  • Rain gear
  • Ear plugs
  • Batteries 
  • Lanterns/flashlights (no gas lanterns) 
  • Disposable cameras/point and shoot cameras (non-professional) 
  • Sealed cigarettes
  • Personal cosmetic products 
  • Sealed lip balm 
  • Sealed gum/mints 
  • Bug spray 
  • Small umbrellas 

DreamVille Allowed Items (In Addition To The Above):

  • Tents/camping gear (smaller than 10x10 ft)
  • Coolers
  • Unlimited food and soft drinks 
  • Canopy pop ups smaller than 10x10 ft 
  • Large backpacks 
  • Luggage
  • Propane grills + (4) 1lb propane tanks per grill 
  • Soap / hair products 
  • Push carts
  • Plastic garbage cans 
  • Frisbees
  • Sports equipment (no bats) 
  • Chairs
  • Hammocks
  • Stuffed animals / dolls 
  • Glow Sticks 

DreamVille Alcohol Policy – You may enter with 1 case of beer (max. 30 cans) AND 1 liter of liquor (no glass) OR 1 box of wine (3 liters) 


TomorrowWorld + DreamVille Prohibited Items:

  • NO Illegal Substances
  • NO Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
  • NO Glass of any kind
  • NO Weapons of any kind
  • NO Paint of any kind including paint markers and spray paint
  • NO Fireworks
  • NO Pacifiers 
  • NO Large chains
  • NO Laser pointers
  • NO Flags or totems with large metal or wood pieces
  • NO Large umbrellas
  • NO Unsealed tampons
  • NO Unsealed over the counter medications/vitamins
  • NO Vending without permit allowed
  • NO Bicycles, scooters, go carts, or ATV
  • NO Pets
  • NO Outside Food or Drinks (1 factory sealed water bottle OK)
  • NO Open Containers
  • NO Charcol grills
  • NO Chinese lanterns 
  • NO Open fires 
  • NO Kegs 
  • NO Drones or flying electronics 
  • NO Gas masks 
  • Any other items deemed as posing a threat to the safe enjoyment of the patrons


Please Respect your body and mind. All persons and property are subject to search, you may be required to take off your shoes for search. TomorrowWorld has a Zero Tolerance for Illegal activities and has the right to refuse anyone at the door for any reason TomorrowWorld deems reasonable. The use of illegal drugs and underage drinking is not permitted. Anyone found with illegal drugs will be subject to removal from the event and will not be allowed back in. This is a 21+ Event, Photo ID Required. No Valid ID = NO Entrance.


Do I get to camp next to my car?

DreamVille is a Tent Camping only community and all cars will be parked in a separate parking lot.  One of the factors that make DreamVille such a magical place is because everyone is camping together within the beautiful natural surroundings.  Camping in a tent community gives you the ability to get to know your neighbors and make life long friendships.

Is there an area for camper vans / RV's

No, DreamVille is a tent camping only area. RVs and camper vans will be turned away upon entry to DreamVille so please do not bring one!

What time do parking lots open?

Please check back for information posted soon.

Will my car be searched upon entering the DreamVille parking lot?

TomorrowWorld and DreamVille reserve the right to search any vehicle and/or person entering the parking lots.




Please be sure to check the FAQ before contacting us. This way we can limit the amount of mails in the info mailbox and be able to answer the most important questions in detail. E-mails containing questions of which the answers can be found above will not be answered.

Questions about TomorrowWorld that are not answered in the FAQ, can be sent to Info@TomorrowWorld.com

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