The camping area, where DreamVille takes place, is situated in a natural area. That’s why we want to ask all the visitors to contribute their mite to make sure the campgrounds stay as clean as possible.
 The collecting points for garbage on the camping ground will be clearly indicated. Please throw your trash away and proper containers! You can also find garbage containers in the parking lots and inside the festial. Use them as much as possible!

Every year we invest a lot of effort and manpower in decorating the camping area, which contributes to the total DreamVille experience. Therefore we ask each and every one of you to show some respect for all the decoration and environment! People who disobey this and who tear down decorations will be accompanied to the entrance and will be strictly forbidden to re-enter again!


  • TomorrowWorld & DreamVille uses an absolute zero tolerance policy regarding drugs.
  • TomorrowWorld events are drug-free! It is forbidden to use drugs on or at the festival grounds and DreamVille. If you’re caught using, distributing or in possession of drugs, you will be forced to leave the festival grounds and/or camping site. We will keep a keen eye to the respect of this rule.
  • If necessary, the organizer reserves the right to contact authorities
  • Before you enter the festival ground or camping site you have the possibility to dispose of the drugs in special amnesty boxes, without any consequences.

Indications and instructions of the (security) crew must be followed. Any suspicion of a prohibited offence at the festival ground and/or DreamVille the security is allowed to search you. If you refuse an inspection, access to the festival ground and/ or camping site will be denied.

Our security team has the last word in case of discussion. You will be body-searched upon arrival.


You are not allowed to distribute flyers or posters during your stay at DreamVille, not on the street, not on the parkings nor on the festival ground. If you want to promote one of your events, we can give you the possibility to place an advertisement in the booklet that we give to all the visitors when they leave the festival ground. More info:


Please take the time to understand the DreamVille Camping Regulations:

  • When you arrive at DreamVille please make sure you have your proper wristband.  Only patrons who have purchased a Full Madness (or comfort) + DreamVille, Full Madness (or comfort) + Easy Tent  or Full Madness (or Comfort) + Dream Lodge will be allowed to enter. If you are confused about your bracelet type or have questions, please see one of our customer service stations at the entrance.
  • You must have your governmental issued ID to enter DreamVille and you must be at least 21 years old on the day you enter Dreamville. Please see the Entrance Policy section above for a list of approved identification types

To guarantee safety at the DreamVille camping site, the organization has set up a few rules*. People who violate these rules will be asked to leave the camping area and or festival site or their belongings will be held in custody.

  • No campers, caravans or trailers, only tents are allowed in DreamVille. We recommended bringing a trolley (or something on wheels) for your luggage and other belongings
  • Camping is only allowed on the camping site and spending the night in your car in the parking lot is strictly forbidden
  • Cars have to be parked in the designated parking areas. Security reserves the right to search any vehicle at any time and you must have a parking pass to park in the DreamVille parking lot
  • No GLASS allowed in the parking lots, in DreamVille or in the festival
  • No sharp items.
  • No nitrous tanks (NO2)
  • No CO2 tanks
  • No gas containers
  • No kegs
  • No cooker or gas range, only small BBQ equipment is allowed in the special BBQ-corner (on the camping site) we also have festival provided BBQ’s on site to share!
  • No generators of any sort
  • No gas
  • No open fires
  • No domestic animals
  • No drugs
  • No weapons
  • Flags/Totems are only allowed when they are no longer than 9 feet and not thicker than 1/2 inch
  • Climbing on fences or other structures is forbidden
  • Graffiti/Paint/Markers are not allowed
  • Doing any kind of unauthorized business is not allowed without the permission of the organizers. This includes vending and promotions of any kind.
  • It will be possible to buy food and drinks at the camping site.
  • Sanitary facilities are available.
  • Our security team has the last word in case of discussion.
  • You will be body-searched upon entry to DreamVille and TomorrowWorld every time you enter.

* Rules, what is allowed/not allowed at DreamVille are subject to change.


Access to the camping ground can be refused or denied at all times. Clothes and/or other (visible) physical appearances, which express an explicit political, social movement or group, are forbidden.