We understand and hear your frustrations and disappointments in the developments at TomorrowWorld over the last weekend. Our only goal was to create together with you the best weekend of the year, and we are heartbroken that we were not able to provide some of our precious fans with the full TomorrowWorld experience, which includes the complete journey to and from the festival.


Freinds, if you lost anything while attending TomorrowWorld or while staying in DreamVille, please contact Additionally if you left anything inside of a locker, please email to arrange shipment. 


First of all we would like to sincerely apologize for the inconveniences due to the weather conditions and to all who couldn’t be part of the 3rd day of TomorrowWorld 2015.

Continuous and unexpected rainfall over the last three days has severely limited capacity of the parking lots, entrance roads, and drop off locations in and around the festival site, and has led to severe traffic congestion. The experience and safety of the TomorrowWorld visitors is and always was our top priority.